chenxinghan han
I completed a yearlong chaplaincy residency at Alta Bates Hospital in Oakland, California after receiving an MA in Buddhist studies and Buddhist chaplaincy at the Graduate Theological Union and Institute of Buddhist Studies in Berkeley, California. I am currently expanding my MA thesis, “The Invisible Majority: Conversations with Young Adult Asian American Buddhists,” into a book. You can read more about the project here.


Selected Publications

Forthcoming: “‘I am Trailblazing’: Japanese American Buddhist Millennials Negotiating Religious and Ethnic Identities,” in Japanese American Millennials: Generational Identity Community, and Diversity, edited by Michael Omi, Dana Nakano, and Jeffrey T. Yamashita (Philadelphia: Temple University Press).

“In Memory of a Refuge: Aaron Lee, the ‘Angry Asian Buddhist,'” Lion’s Roar blog (November 7, 2017) [link].

“Diverse Practices and Flexible Beliefs among Young Adult Asian American Buddhists,” Journal of Global Buddhism 18 (2017), 1–24 [link].

“‘Be the Refuge’: Reflections on Karma & Gratitude, Suffering & Spiritual Friendship,” Commencement Address to the Graduating Class of 2017, Institute of Buddhist Studies [link]. Also published in Wheel of Dharma magazine (July, August, and September 2017).

“Young Adult Asian American Identities,” in A Thousand Hands: A Guidebook to Caring for your Buddhist Community, eds. Nathan Jishin Michon and Danny Clarkson Fisher (Toronto: Sumeru Press, 2016), 277–285 [PDF].

“We’re Not Who You Think We Are,” Buddhadharma: The Practitioner’s Quarterly (Summer 2016) [link]. Also excerpted in Buddhadharma’s “The Best of 15 Years” special anniversary issue (Fall 2017).

“The Invisible Majority: Conversations with Young Adult Asian American Buddhists,” in Compassion and Social Justice, ed. Karma Lekshe Tsomo (Yogyakarta, Indonesia: Sakyadhita, 2015), 240–245. Translated into Chinese by Christie Chang:「看不見的多數 :與美國亞裔佛教青年的對話」《國際佛教禪女人協會第十四屆國際大會 「慈悲與社會正義」》印尼日惹市 2015年6月23日至30日 [PDF 中文 (Chinese only)]

“What’s Buddhism Got to Do With It?: Popular and Scientific Perspectives on Mindful Eating,” Pacific World, Third Series 15 (2013), 119–137  [PDF].

“South African Perspectives on Mobile Phones: Challenging the Optimistic Narrative of Mobiles for Development,” International Journal of Communication 6 (2012), 2057–2081 [PDF].

“Huge Love: Beth Goldring and Brahmavihara/Cambodia AIDS Project,” Inquiring Mind 28 no. 1 (Fall 2011)  [link] [PDF].